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Michel LECAT

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Ne can appraise the market value of your property for you. This appraisal is carried out when you need to assert the value of your property in the event of a divorce, donation, inheritance, division, etc., or when the estimates proposed to you do not seem reliable.

This appraisal is based on several valuation methods, and its result may differ from a simple estimate. Above all, it is much more detailed and detailed than the real estate agent's opinion of value.

Expert appraisals can be used in court - they are sometimes requested by the judge. They are carried out by Michel LECAT, a real estate appraiser with a diploma from the Centre National de l'Expertise, who has the appropriate civil liability insurance.

Real Estate Expert
Graduate of the Centre National de l'Expertise


Comparative analysis

The value of the property is determined on the basis of the sale value of comparable properties in the area, or even, in the case of condominiums, in the same building or in equivalent buildings. The expert collects these values from the Administration, the Land Registry and/or notaries, eliminates values that seem out of line, and determines an average price per m2 which he applies to the property to be appraised.

This method is quite effective, but needs to be approached with caution when the market is fluctuating up and down, or when the property is atypical.

The quality of references is also a determining factor in the result.

The hedonistic method

This method provides a fairly precise approach to market value. Based on an average price for the local area, it applies capital gains or losses according to a multitude of criteria. In particular, the quality of the property, utilities, heating system, floor, exposure and environment are all taken into account.

The weighting of each criterion is an important element in this appraisal, and this weighting differs from region to region.

The capitalization method

This involves calculating the profitability of a property compared with the average profitability for the sector. The real estate valuer is familiar with this average profitability, which is published. He then estimates the rental value of the property, and determines what the selling price should be to bring it into line with this profitability.

This method is, of course, particularly well-suited to investment properties. However, it can be risky to use it on its own, as the profitability of a property can also depend on its potential for capital appreciation.


As its name suggests, this method calculates the market value of a property based on the price of the land and the cost of rebuilding anything built on it. Of course, an obsolescence coefficient must be applied to take account of the age of the building.

There are a number of pitfalls to be avoided, particularly when it comes to land: some houses are built on land whose main use is for pleasure, and which is not intended to be used for its building potential. The value of such land must therefore be handled with care.

The cost of expertise

Real estate appraisals can be very simple or very complex.

It is therefore not possible to have a standard "price scale" for this service. Each situation must give rise to an estimate which takes into account the time spent by the Expert on the case.

That said, most expert appraisals are priced between €700 and €2,000 inc VAT.

Michel LECAT, Real Estate Expert


58 Rue Gabriel Péri, Saint-Denis

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  • Avatar Aurélie H ★★★★★ less than a week ago
    Mr. Fertane is really a real estate agent like we'd always like to meet: very efficient, precise and transparent. He managed my apartment ... Read all for several years, then sold it with the same rigor and honesty.
    I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • Avatar Chloé Le Reste ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Excellent buying experience with the agency. A big thank you to Mr Fertane, who is always available and willing to listen, for his expertise and ... Read all support throughout the project. I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to work in a transparent and caring way. I would highly recommend!

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